I am an IT Engineer with 30+ years of professional experience in the field of Computer Infrastructure,  Data Networking, Building Security & Telecom.

I am a passionate learner of New Technologies and now keen to share my wealth of Knowledge and experience with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and young Kids who want to build and grow their business or career using latest IT Technology & Tools.

My mission is to create new online Courses in Regional languages which people can easily understand at home and implement in their day to day life.

I am very social and love to meet people from every corner of the world. My hobby, to acquire new skills, has led me to visit more than 1000+ Trade Fairs, Expos and Workshops in almost 15+ Countries.

I am a member of BNI, Fire & Security Association of India (FSAI), Local Computer Traders Association (RCTA), MNIT Alumni & Shri Maheshwari Samaj Executive Body.

I have two lovely Daughters with two Handsome Son-in- Laws, a very Cute Grand Son DUGUU and a very supportive & smart Wife Alpna. My dream is to hang around with them all over the world in my own Vanity Van & Yacht.

I am very much grateful to my parents, Family Members & Friends, all my Teachers and mentors whose best wishes and constant guidance  has always helped me in this fine Journey.  

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