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Digital Comforts & Security are the two Prime requirements of any good building these days. 

Here Digital Comforts comprises good Data Connectivity, Internet Connectivity, Wifi Connectivity, Intercom Connectivity within the Building and Outside of Building, Cable TV, Background Music, and Public Announcement System, etc

Security comprises of Good CCTV Surveillance, Multi-Tier Video Door Phone, Access Control, Panic Buttons, etc

Why this is needed

In the old times, all these features were incorporated in any building by installing different separate systems. Each system used to have its own Vendor, its own Installation and Maintenance Team,  Its own cable installation, and it’s own separate independent cost. There used to be initial coordination in the vendors while installation but surely after that, each vendor uses to maintain their systems in their own way. The quality of work was purely dependent on the quality of their manpower employed. The overall experience used to be not a very happy life. In fact, over time, these systems and their cabling used to reach a state of Non-manageable.

Some of the main problems being faced are as below :

  1. Multiple Cabling Cost
  2. Involvement of Multiple Vendors or agencies
  3. Difficult to manage and maintain
  4. Difficult to expand in Future
  5. Zero Support for upcoming new Technologies
  6. Old outdated Technologies
  7. Heavy Cost

How it works

In the modern era, all-analog technologies are being replaced by Digital Technologies. For Long Distance communication or signaling, we use Optical Fiber Cable and for Short distance up to a few 100Meters, we use Ethernet or Lan Cabling.

Based on the above Concept, we have developed a solution named as SmartHome+ or SmartOffice+ Solution. This primarily uses IP Based communication based on Optical Fiber, UTP Lan Cable, and WiFi Networking.

Once this network is established, we may provide any of the Digital Comfort & Security services in the campus anywhere.

What are the applications

  1. SmartTownship+ Solution for Township Projects or Large Campuses

  Any large township or Campus require following SmartHome+ Solutions by Default :

      • Data Connectivity in Different Blocks
      • WiFi Networking in the whole Campus
      • Good Intercom System to communicate within the Campus and Outside Campus
      • CCTV Surveillance

Apart from the above, a few more services may be needed as access control, Background Music Play, etc

 To enable the above services, we distribute the campus in different Zones/Blocks and connect all these Zones/ Blocks through Core-Fiber Optic Cable from a Centralised Place. Each Block then further gets connected using Branch-Fiber cable or Lan Cable depending upon the requirements  and budget. For Connectivity while moving within the campus, we also arrange wifi Connectivity through Towers all across the Campus. Any of the following Services may be arranged on the Campus.

      1. Data Connectivity,
      2. Internet Connectivity,
      3. Wifi Connectivity,
      4. Intercom Connectivity to communicate within the Building and Outside of Building,
      5. Cable TV,
      6. Background Music, and 
      7. Public Announcement System,
      8. Audio Visual Digital Signages
      9. CCTV Surveillance,
      10. Multi-Tier Video Door Phone,
      11. Access Control,
      12. Panic Buttons,  
  1. SmartApartment+ solution for Multi Apartment Towers

Similar to Township Projects, In multi Apartments, we first Identify a suitable place to Make a Server Room. Ideally, it should be in the center of the building in some safe location. 

All services from the outside world like Telephone Connections, Cable TV Feed, Internet Feed, etc first arrives in the Server Room. 

From the Server room, Core-Fiber cables are laid to the shafts of each Tower and to the Guard Room at the Building entry point.

From each shaft then connected Flats are provided with either Lan Cable or Fiber Cable. Any of the following Services may be arranged on the Apartment.

      1. Internet Connectivity,
      2. Wifi Connectivity,
      3. Intercom Connectivity to communicate within the Apartments
      4. Background Music, and 
      5. Public Announcement System,
      6. Audio Visual Digital Signages
      7. 3 Tier Video Door Phone Security
      8. CCTV Surveillance,
      9. Lift & Club Access Control,
      10. Digital Signages
  1. SmartHome+ Solution for Premium Luxurious Villa

Following Services are Provided in Villas :

      1. Wifi Connectivity,
      2. Intercom Connectivity 
      3. Video Door Phone Security
      4. CCTV Surveillance,
  1. SmartOffice+ Solution for Offices, Schools & other Commercial Buildings

For Office Buildings, we provide following services :

      1. Data Connectivity,
      2. Internet Connectivity,
      3. Wifi Connectivity,
      4. Intercom Connectivity to communicate within the office and Outside of Office,
      5. Background Music, and 
      6. Public Announcement System,
      7. Audio Visual Digital Signages
      8. CCTV Surveillance,
      9. Video Conferencing Room
      10. Face Recognition  based Access Control & Attendance System,
      11. Fire Alarm System
      12. Digital Signages

What are the Benefits

   As our solutions are based on the latest IP Technology, they are superior to the legacy old systems from the following aspects 

    1. Easy to Expand as the requirement grows in future
    2. Easy to Manage or Maintain. Even Online Support can Work.
    3. All Future upcoming Solutions can also be Integrated without any modification in the wiring.
    4. Low Maintenance Cost
    5. Great Performance due to Digital Technology which less affected by nearby Noise from other sources.

For whom this is beneficial

   All kinds of Residential Projects, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Club Houses, and in nutshell any commercial building.