WhatsApp For Business – How to use?, Features & Complete Guide

Whatsapp is the most popular communication app in India.

Almost every educated person who can read and write, use WhatsApp these Days.

Most of the Families are having their Family Whatsapp Group to keep a close touch with every family member.

Similarly, most of the small Organisations, Clubs, Organisations, Societies  whocan not afford to have any collaborative platform like Microsoft Team, Slack, etc, they also make a group on WhatsApp for all the employees and communicate with each other.

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced one more version of Whatsapp which is known as “Whatsapp for Business”.

Whatsapp for business

In order to differentiate both the Flavours, we can say WhatsApp is a personal app whereas WhatsApp for business is a Business app.

As the name suggests, WhatsApp for business does have some inherent features which are very much useful for any business enterprises, especially small business enterprises.

Let us understand those features in detail and understand how small companies can grow their business using WhatsApp for business.

Who is WhatsApp business for?

Whatsapp for business as such can be utilized not only by any business person, but it is equally useful for any individual person who receive a lot of messages every day or who is a member of many groups and need to respond to multiple messages in a day.

How does WhatsApp for business work?

Whatsapp for business works in a similar way as WhatsApp. One needs to download the same from Google Play for Andriod mobiles or Apple store for iPhones. It is also supported on a web version for desktops.

Features For business in WhatsApp

However there are a few extra features in WhatsApp for business just as

  1. Business Profile,
  2. Catalogue,
  3. Auto Replies, and quick replies,
  4. Labels,

How To make a WhatsApp business account? [in steps ]

In order to take a WhatsApp Business account, one should follow the steps as below :

whatsapp for business features

Assuming that you are already having a normal Whatsapp Account on your Mobile.

If you have another sim in your phone, you can take the WhatsApp for Business account on that. In case, you want to take it on the same number, then one has to stop using the normal version and upgrade his account to Whatsapp for Business.

In order to upgrade from normal to Whatsapp for Business account, first, take the complete backup of your Normal account on your google drive in the following steps.

  • Go to the Settings option by clicking the 3 dots on your top right corner
  • Now go to 2nd option chat.
  • Here select chat backup option.
  • Now take the complete backup on your google drive choosing your right email address below.
  • Now download & install the App WhatsApp for business from google play or apple store.
  1. Open the WhatsApp for business where it will ask for your mobile no to send OTP.
  2. Install the application giving the OTP received.
  3. This makes the installation
  4. Now go to again settings then chats and restore your backup.
  5. This will bring all the messages in your new WhatsApp for business account.
  6. Now your new account is ready for use.

Whatsapp for business has some extra features which we describe as below :

  • Business Profile: It allows to keep the complete Business Profile such as
    1. Nature of Work,
    2. Business Category,
    3. Business Address,
    4. Business hours,
    5. email and website address, etc.
  • Business Catalog: It allows us to keep the Images of all the products or services we provide with their important details like description, approx Price,  Website link.


  • Quick Replies: Very often, in business Communication, we need to share a few information again and again to our customers like Office address, Office location, Bank Account no and ifsc code, GST NO, PAN No, etc. These details we can share by some quick shortcuts and there is no need to type them again and again. While sending any quick reply during Chat, we type the shortcut as /shortcut. We can also keep some ready made templates for Birthday or Anniversary Greetings, Condolence messages, Congratulations Messages which we can forward immediately as per the need.
  • Away Messages: when we are not able to reply or take the messages for some reason, we can set the auto-reply as “ I am busy right now. I will reply to you in the next 2 Days.” Similarly depending upon the situation, we can send any away messages and add some conditions to send them
    1. during office hours,
    2. always,
    3. out of office hours,
    4. specified contacts,
    5. all contacts,
    6. all contacts exceptsome ket contacts.
  • Labels: This is the most important business tool in whatsapp for business and is very useful when there are multiple messages coming in a day and we need to either filter the
    1. Contacts,
    2. groups, or

Labels act similar to what Tags work in CRM software.

Some of the Important Tags which are very common in use are

  1. “To Reply”,
  2. “Good Collection”,
  3. Invitations,
  4. customers,
  5. family,
  6. friends,
  7. vendors,
  8. Inquiries,
  9. Office Team, etc

We can segregate al the customers by selecting them and giving them the label Customers.

We can segregate all the Business Inquiries and label them as Inquiries.

This will help us to followup them properly without forgetting any inquiry.

To use this feature, we need to choose the label option by clicking on 3dots on the top right corner and then selecting the label.

Some of the Interesting Case Studies  of Labels Applications

 CASE1 :

During Wedding seasons, we get lot of e-Invitations for weddings. These invitations are normally get mixed in all the messages and sometime we forget to check them all.

Through Label , what we do we mark all the incoming wedding Invitations with a label “Invitation” . This helps to check all the Invitation received by just choosing Invitation Label.

 CASE2 :

Being a Member of BNI, I have multiple Groups of BNI such as official, Unoffcial, Leadership TEAM, Regional Office, Old Leadership Team etc. Overall there are 8-10 BNI Groups, which need to be checked on regular basis. Here we have created a Label “BNI” and tagged all the BNI accounts with this which helps to check all accounts in one go.

 CASE3 :

We have tagged all the Customers with a Customer Label, all the Family Members with Family Label and similarly other labels.


Sometimes, we get very informative messages on whatsapp  which we want to keep safe to read them in free time or to use them on some special occasion. We label all such messages with a Label “To Read”  or Important Collection.

1. How much does WhatsApp for business cost?

As such whatsapp for business is free to use.

2. How to use whatsapp for business on the iPhone?

In order to use whatsapp for Business on iPhone, similar steps are applicable as we have taken above. We need to download the app from the apple store.

Since whatsapp for business is a free tool available, it is highly recommended that all businesses use it effectively to keep better communication with their customers, Vendors, and all other groups.

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